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Private VideoCAM

4.2 ( 352 ratings )
Photo et vidéo Divertissement
Développeur Tsuyoshi Maeda
0.99 USD

Frame rate, resolution, exposure and zoom, up to the function of the torch, custom to your liking!
Recorded data is also saved to a dedicated space that has been protected by the gesture security! !
Trimming and binding, fully completed in all within the app until the correction of brightness and contrast! !

- Freely customize each operating position of the camera easy to operate position
- Manual slider adjustment of exposure.
- Max x10 digital zoom.
- The state of the relationship without recording direction to the device fixed.
- Direct selection of the recording frame rate (30,60,120,240FPS).
- Torch that can be freely control the brightness(C-TORCH).
- C-TORCH one-touch on-off.
- C-TORCH button size and position free customization.
- C-TORCH behavior switching (toggle / touch).

- Camera position setting at the time of start-up.
- Setting of various frame rate at the time of selecting the camera resolution.
- Any setting of the recording direction by the record button press and hold.

- Video trimming cutout function.
- Various adjustments (saturation, contrast, brightness, gamma, exposure)

- Up to two-stage data folder access that has been protected by the gesture of security.
- Protect all the access setting itself in security, including gestures security.
- Normal data transfer copy between photo library and in-app data folder.
- Video merge function.

- Free play speed controller ( x0.1 〜 x2.0 ).
- Devices do not depend on the orientation, play in any orientation.